Marine Assurance Since 1982
A.B. Marine Consulting, Inc. is proud to announce the expansion of our staff. We now offer over 100 years of experience and professional assurance in essentially every major area of the Maritime Industry.
Our guiding principle for more than a quarter of a century has been to provide the utmost professionalism and comprehensive reporting as we continue to offer the very best representation while serving as the eyes, ears, and agents of our clients.
While the majority of requests for our services involve the unique demands of the Gulf of Mexicos marine and petroleum industry, we remain fully prepared for the special needs of our clients' global concerns.
A. B. Marine Consulting, Inc.
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In the same way that professional mariners have relied on
a perfectly tuned sextant to stay the course, our clients
rely on us to give them the assurance they need in moving forward in the marine industry.