Marine Claims & Investigations


Accident Investigations

Investigating accidents can be a difficult job and when those accidents happen on the water, the marine surveyor is called in. Because of their intense knowledge of both the water and the vessels, the marine surveyor can help interpret what happened in the accident. Not only does the marine surveyor help with the accident investigation, but also then, they attend court as an expert witness.  

ABMC performs investigations of many types of accidents including, but not limited to:

  • Collisions involving another vessel 
  • Environment forces damages
  • Collisions against port structures
  • Fire damage
  • Groundings
  • Personal injuries
  • Oil spills
  • Cargo mishaps

Weight Verifications

A weight verification survey involves a certified surveyor taking measurements on board the delivery barge/shore tank and the receiving vessel before and after any transfer of cargo takes place. 

The surveyor’s measurements are then used to determine the quantity of cargo delivered. The quantity delivered from the barge/shore tank and received by the vessel should be the same. If there is any discrepancy, this can be highlighted and investigated at the time so that a claim can be made after the event. 

The weight verification survey is carried out by a marine surveyor on behalf of the charterers to find concealed bunker cargo on-board. 

In order to prevent cargo losses an experienced surveyor offers impartial, independent quantity measurement inspection services for marine cargo. Hiring an ABMC marine investigator is one of the surest ways to determine if your vessel has received the right amount of cargo. 

Claims & Fraud

ABMC also works with insurance companies handle with insurance claims. The marine surveyor examines the vessel involved and files a report detailing what they have found. They also conduct fraud investigations to help protect the insurance companies from invalid fraud claims. By being able to provide a detailed report on all aspects of the condition of the vessel, the marine surveyor helps insurance companies weed out fraudulent claims and process legitimate claims.